David Roffey
  Small House, Upper Cape Town, S.A.
Water colour, 8x6
  David Roffey

St-Adolphe, Qc

e-mail: laymonas@bell.net

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Canal Houses, Venice,
Water colour, 7.5x5.5

David Roffey lives and works in St.Adolphe, Quebec. He works in oils and watercolours. His subjects include local and city historic architecture, native birds, wild flowers, landscapes and herbs. He uses the camera for fine detail in his work and makes many sketches on site for his paintings. David concentrates on light, detail and quiet order in his paintings. He has exhibited in many venues including Scotland, England, USA, Montreal, Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver. His paintings appear in many private collections throughout the world.

Main House, Ormonde Winery, Darling, SA., Water colour, 9.5x6.75
Palace on Grand Canal, Venice, Water colour, 8.5x6.5
Photographer on Grand Canal, Venice, Water colour, 8.5x6.5