Joanne Hayes Archives
Black-Eyed Susan and Coneflowers 2010, 12x16
Peony , graphite on bristol weight board 14x17
Moth Wing 2010, 12x9
Eastern Yellow Swallowtail 2013, watercolour, 10x7
Vermont Home, 2013, watercolour, 13x9
Mardi Gras, 2013, pencil crayon, 9x7
Bunchberry, 2013, watercolour & graphite, 10x5
Winter Barn, 2013, watercolour, 15x6
Morning Mist, 2013, watercolour, 16x7
  Corn Stalks 2011, 12x16  
Duck 2011, 9x12
  Mallard, 5x7, watercolour  
Fall Bunchberries, 5.5x8.5, watercolour
Secret Garden, 5x7, watercolour
Winter Berries, 5x7, watercolour
Day Lily Trio, 4x9, watercolour
Winter on the CSM I, 5.5x15, watercolour
Winter on the CSM II, 5.5x15, watercolour
Barred Owl, 10x7.5, watercolour
Great Blue Heron, 12x9, watercolour